Friday, May 2, 2008

Alison and Ken's Wedding

In March, we headed out to San Diego to Matt's cousin Alison's wedding. It was great seeing family that we hadn't seen since our wedding (almost six years ago!) and to have everyone meet Frances.

Alison and her new husband Ken.

Here we are in our wedding day finest. Frances looks cute in a special dress made by Grandma Livingston.

Jeff, Mattie Lou, Matt and Frances at the reception.

Frances and her gecko dancing with Grandma.

Nicholas posed as the Grim Reaper at the cookout the day before the wedding.

Grandpa with his girls.

Jack's pet Coconut helped us keep our condo clean and tidy. Here's Coconut having a snack.

Easter Sunday with Aunt Carol.

Aunt Carol, Uncle Ron, Aunt Ruth, and Uncle Bob joined us for a nice Easter dinner. (Frances was getting ready for a bath right after dinner....)

We stayed at Mission Beach, and we really enjoyed walking along the beach everyday. Lots of interesting sights and some very interesting people.... After Frances went to sleep our last night there, we headed out to the beach. We rode the Giant Dipper rollercoaster twice!

While we were out, we ran into Jeff, Lisa, Jack and Nicholas. The boys were just a little sandy.

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